Department of Computer Science & Engineering (CSE)

B.Sc (Hon’s) in Computer Science & Engineering (CSE)

B.Sc. (Hons.) in Computer Science and Engineering is one of the most popular courses which have been designed to equip students with broad range computing skills and technical knowledge relevant to the IT industry. Its emphasis is on preparing students with solid ground work in hardware and basic computing. Armed with this degree, graduates can successfully pursue their career as Software Engineers, Systems Analysts, Operations Managers, Database Administrators, Analyst Programmers or even Data Communication Specialists.

Requirements for CSE (Hon’s) Admission:

Student passing HSC/ Alim/ Diploma in Engineering/ Equivalent examination having GPA 2.50 both in SSC and HSC(with 4th subject).In addition, at least "B" grade or GPA 3.0 either in Physics/ Chemistry/ Higher mathematics can apply. One year break of study acceptable and age should not be more than 22 years. SSC and HSC Orginal Marksheet with two set photocopies. SSC and HSC Orginal Testimonial with two set photocopie.

Tution Fee & Total cost.(Total credits 136)

Admission Fee = Tk. 14000.00
Per Semester Fee = Tk. 10000.00
Tution Fees (2000 x 6 months) = Tk. 12000.00
Total Cost for First Semester = Tk. 36000.00
Remaining semesters cost (10000 x 7sem.) = Tk. 70000.00
Tuition fee for Remaining months (2000 x 42 months) = Tk. 84000.00
Total cost for 4-Years = Tk. 190000.00